Carers and Supporters Group

For carers and supporters of people struggling with an eating disorder or food / body image issues.

New for February 2018 – Carers Support Group

  • Do you care about or know someone with an eating disorder or unhappy with their body image?
  • Do you struggle to find the right words to use?
  • Are mealtimes becoming a battlefield?
  • Are you unsure how to help ?
  • Could you benefit from talking to others in similar situations?

Caring for or about someone with an Eating Disorder can be an enormous strain – not only on relationships but on your own wellbeing.  You may experience feelings of guilt, anger, fear, anxiety and isolation as you watch a loved one suffer from an illness that you often feel powerless to do anything about.

You may feel frustrated and unsure about where to get help.  The Torbay Eating Disorder Support Group for Carers aims to provide a mutually supportive and confidential environment where lived experiences can be shared with people in similar situation. We have had lived experience and would like to offer a safe place to discuss any of the above issues .   

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Please note we do not offer professional counselling or therapy.


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