In May 2017 the Torbay Eating Disorder Support Group began.

It was founded by a local woman struggling in relapse, on a waiting list for NHS help. She remembered what had helped her the most in the past had been meeting other people going though the same thing. She remembered finally being able to talk about her struggles and that it made her feel less alone.

She did some research and found that there were no peer led support groups in Devon or Cornwall for people with eating disorders that didn’t require referral or that weren’t part of inpatient treatment. With the help and encouragement of her care coordinator, the Torbay Eating Disorder Support Group was born a couple of months later.

It has grown into it’s own community of utterly amazing people, which is really making a difference.

In February 2018, the Support Group for Carers held it’s first meeting, and the two groups are working closely to support anyone affected by eating disorders.