To those who find this site: You are not alone

To Those Who Find This Site…

Welcome to the Torbay Eating Disorder (TED) Support Group website. We’re glad that you found us, although we know that the reason you’re here is not a good one.

It could be that your relationship with your body has become so obsessive that you worry about any single sign of change or perceived alteration in how you look and feel.

It could be that food has become the enemy to you. You love it but you also hate it, or you feel like you don’t deserve it.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying ‘Oh just this one’ to a piece of food and suddenly found yourself floating above your body, unable to control the seemingly snowballing action of eating and chewing that you’ve suddenly found yourself immersed in.

Or perhaps you feel like food is not the priority. Like you don’t want it near you. Like you want to shrink away.

If you read any of the above statements and your heart ached and rushed with the familiarity then we are so sorry to hear that; but here’s the silver lining that underpins the entire ethos of this group: if you could relate to any of those statements (or similar) then it means that someone else – the others in our group – feels the same way you do.

You are not alone.

This simple fact is one that can bring so much relief when it comes to the crippling isolation that disordered eating or body struggles can cause.

How many times have you isolated yourself from others? Tried to conceal the patterns of the behaviours you worry about or put on a mask to appear as normal as possible? If you’re like us, then probably more often than you would ever like to. We know because we’ve done it too, and we’ve felt the sense of complete and utter isolation that comes with it.

There’s a popular saying when it comes to life’s struggles: ‘When you’re on the outside looking in it’s difficult to understand. When you’re on the inside looking out it’s impossible to describe.’

Well, should you choose to come to our support group then we’re all on the inside and in that there is solidarity, support, and understanding.

Of course, every person has their own specific struggles and needs but at TED Support Group there is no judgement.  Our shared experiences unite us, and they truly are shared.

‘Nodding dogs’ may be out of fashion, but you’d be surprised how many times we turn into them at our support meetings! You might also be surprised at the amount of laughter that happens. Yes, laughter. Because opening up to others who get it means suddenly being able to reflect upon what you do with more clarity, and the absurdity, enjoyment, and general quirks of life with an ED are suddenly slightly less scary when you hold them up to those who can relate and chuckle along at the (admittedly sometimes laughably absurd) aspects of an eating disorder.

It’s not all smiles, but sometimes it is and…gosh…what a thought! To not only be with people who understand but also be able to be free to talk, rant, and practically punchline about navigating your recovery with others.
That’s another word that might chime with you too: Recovery.

It seems unfathomable at first. Especially if your relationship with food and/or your body has driven you in to an internal prison when you’re constantly in solitary confinement.

But if you’ve read this post then you now know the most powerful thing to help make recovery go from an impossibility to a process: You are not alone. We’re here for you. And you are free to come and talk to us (and with us) whenever you want.

This site is in its early stages but we can promise you that, if you’re uncertain, more content will be on the way soon. Our support leader is also available via email, to help if you’re apprehensive, and other means to reach out are available.

For now we hope that you can take a deep breath and tackle today one moment at a time. You are here, you have read this, and that is an accomplishment.

Until the next post,
TED Support Group

Written by one of our members, Amy

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